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A Handbook on Technology Trends of 2022 & Its impact on Testing -Welcoming the End of Silos
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Welcome to the 3rd edition of our Annual Testing Report. Download your free copy of the report to gain insightful predictions coming your way through this report. We have delved into key technology trends that are going to have an explosive impact in the coming years. Download the report to have a look at these trends and make the necessary changes to your testing strategies to embrace the tide of drastic change taking place in the market.

After much extensive research and exhaustive study, we have compiled a list of the technology trends that will in some sense impact the testing space in the coming years. For the first time we have come up with a theme for this year’s report – “End of Silos”. We have chosen this theme because of the overarching commonality with the various technology trends, and organizational strategies leaning towards building resilient companies through unification and collaboration of systems, technologies and teams. We are positive that the technology trends and the testing impacts shared in this report will help you prepare and focus your attention on the relevant things that are going to explode in the years to come. With that said, here is a quick outline of what you can expect from the report. Download your copy of the report from here now!


  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Setting Context – Apps, Smartphones & Usage
  • Technology Trends & their Impact on Testing
    • End of Silo Standalone Apps – Welcome Super Apps!
    • End of Silo Computation – Hello Serverless!
    • End of Silo Testing and Development – Introducing DevTest
    • End of Silo Working – More Collaboration.
    • End of Silo Play of Senses – Welcome Metaverse!
  • Key Takeaways
  • References and Additional Resources
  • About Us
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