Automation Studio

Codeless Automation Tool to scale your app tests

Opkey is an automation studio that does not put testers to test. With the growing demand for faster- time-to-market, Opkey makes app tests unified where tests can be automated by anyone in the entire team and not just by the automation engineers or developers. This can accelerate and scale up the delivery of apps multi-folds.


Automated Studio


Automated App TestingCodeless test scripts

Create automation scripts without writing a single line of code.

Code less test scripts

parallel testingParallel execution

Execute test automation on multiple devices in parallel and speed up your app testing multi-folds.

export test scriptsExport test scripts without writings codes

Accelerate app delivery exponentially by recording new workflows for Appium projects and export it to Appium Java format to integrate with existing test scripts.

configura jenkins with pCloudyConfigure Jenkins to automate test cases

Handle your test cases from Jenkins simply by integrating with Jenkins CI plugin.

Automation scriptsExtensible automation scripts

In-built capabilities for object repositories, data repositories, functional libraries, custom keywords, logical statements.

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