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Easily Integrate pCloudy with Codemagic CI/CD

With many tools and integrations available in the testing world, the need to customize and provide tailor-made solutions takes prime precedence. With the rising popularity of various CI/CD tools we want to ensure that our users can use their existing set of tools to enhance their testing experience and journey. The all-new pCloudy-Codemagic CI/CD integration does exactly that. Codemagic users can now easily integrate with pCloudy and test their builds on the fly to accelerate your release cycle.

What is Codemagic CI/CD?

Codemagic is a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery cloud hosted provider for all your app builds. Codemagic initially started out as a platform where you could exclusively build flutter applications. However, now various developers who build on React Native, Ionic, Cordova and also native Android or iOS apps can use the platform to accelerate their build and release timeline by integrating it with codemangic CI/CD pipeline. And not just that, the support of codemagic extends its pipeline support to entirely different toolsets by providing a YAML pipeline option to include your desired choice of tools.

Codemagic – pCloudy Workflows
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pCloudy-Codemagic integration

pCloudy is a cloud based continuous testing cloud solution that helps you connect to various devices and browsers to test your apps on the go. The integration with Codemagic will help developers to run their tests seamlessly on the platform by integrating their flutter, iOS, Android, React Native or any other build on a wide range of devices. This will not only help you perform your testing tasks faster but will also give you an easy overview of the CI/CD pipeline to monitor every step of the app development life cycle.


The integration of Codemagic and pCloudy will surely reduce the amount of time you take to run, test and release quality apps in the market. Combine the power of running your builds on the Codemagic CI/CD pipeline with pCloudy’s continuous testing cloud to run your tests on a wide range of real mobile devices and accelerate your QA journey for the better. We’re sure that this integration will not only enhance your testing experience but will also open an infinite number of possibilities to efficiently manage your entire app development life cycle. Happy testing!

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