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pCloudy extending its APAC horizons in Japan through a strategic partnership with Valtes

We are proud to announce that pCloudy is extending its horizons in Japan through a strategic partnership with VALTES Co., Ltd, a leading software testing company in Japan. This partnership will strengthen pCloudy’s presence in Japan and the surrounding East Asian countries. pCloudy will jointly ease the testing of apps through the Cloud based App testing platform under the banner of “AnyTest”. We are excited to announce that the services and partnership has been officially launched on the 18th of August 2022.

We proudly welcome this partnership and extend our full support in providing all the capabilities and features we have built into pCloudy.

The Goal of the Partnership

According to Tomohiro Yamazaki, Section Manager from Valtes Co, “There has been a dire need for a cloud based app testing platform in the Japan region as the norm was to have an in-house. However, with the advent of the ongoing recession the cost of acquiring new devices have become a costly affair. But thanks to pCloudy, we are able to bridge the gap and extend our services in Japan to ensure business continuity. The unique offering we bring is that we have made the platform accessible to the native speakers of Japan by translating all the options on the platform into the Japanese language.

With this new unique language integration, we are now able to extend support to the testing communities in their native language. Through this strategic partnership the possibilities with what we can achieve now are endless. And thanks to the close collaboration with VALTES Co., Ltd, we are able to take giant leaps in becoming a global player in the Quality Engineering domain across the world”.

According to Avinash Tiwari, Co-founder, pCloudy, “We are glad to partner with Valtes Co Ltd and strengthen our reach in Japan and the surrounding East Asian countries. This strategic alliance will make mobile app testing future-ready and will help enterprise mobility achieve optimal results from testing, accelerate application delivery and error free apps through manual and automated mobile application testing on real devices over cloud.

About Valtes

VALTES draws its name from the two words – Value and Testing. VALTES Co., Ltd believes in VALue created through TESting. They provide a host of services that involve software testing, quality consultation, vulnerability assessment, etc. Since its establishment in 2004, VALTES has provided quality improvement support services centered on software testing, and is a leading company in this industry. They are efficient in their offerings and handle over 2,600 projects annually. In particular, their strengths lie in quality consulting in the upstream process and systematic test engineer training programs.

About pCloudy

pCloudy is Continuous Testing Platform that not only helps you with testing your apps for mobile devices alone, but also provides testing capabilities to test your web apps on various desktop computers and tablets. pCloudy’s solutions and unique offerings allows us to assist companies of all sizes from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. The Testing platform makes adopting Continuous Testing methodology easy by integrating popular CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo and collaborative tools like Slack and Jira to log bugs and fix errors through collaboration with other team members and clients across the globe.

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