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Pcloudy Unveils a New Platform for a Unified App Testing Experience


In the luminous trail of technological progress, every once in a while, we come across a pivotal moment—an inflection point that promises to redefine the standards of excellence. Today, I am both humbled and thrilled to announce that Pcloudy is at the cusp of such a transformative milestone.

Dawn of Digital Transition:

Reflecting on our journey, Pcloudy was born out of necessity, and it thrived because of innovation. The early 2000s were dynamic, as businesses ambitiously expanded their digital footprint, a looming challenge became evident. The primary concern was ensuring that applications performed optimally across a vast range of mobile devices, diverse operating systems, varying connectivity types, and numerous browsers.

This was the era where manual testing dominated. Developers and testers would allocate considerable time, sometimes days, to methodically vet every function of an application to make them production-ready. The process was not only painstaking to perform but also an expensive affair on the pocket which left most businesses compromising on budgets and timelines.

Recognizing this mounting bottleneck, we identified the need for a more streamlined approach to testing, one that would circumvent these persistent hitches. The outcome of our innovation was Pcloudy, a cloud-based app testing solution in 2017 featuring the most diverse range of real devices and browsers.

Automation Revolution & the Journey towards Transformation:

But, as the axiom goes, change is the only constant. The advent of automation revolutionized testing, yet it brought forth complexities that made many professionals feel like outsiders in their own domain. While automation was supposed to be an ally, it became an enemy for those without coding expertise. And testers with expertise weren’t spared either as they needed to ensure app quality and not spend hours wrestling with complex code and script maintenance.

Add to it the challenge of using too many tools. With the boom of various SaaS platforms and cloud adoption every testing task was now fulfilled with different tools. And integrating them felt like piecing together a large jigsaw puzzle that was constantly being altered. This led to an increased risk of issues falling through the cracks. We asked ourselves, why toggle through a plethora of tools when one platform can cater to every testing need?

Our response to this challenge is the reimagined Pcloudy 2024.

What does this revamp mean? A unified Platform for App Testing

It’s more than just a fresh logo or a new suite of features. It’s the redefinition of our identity, with a vision that goes beyond the present, aspiring for a future where quality assurance is inclusive, comprehensive, and unswervingly efficient. The new Pcloudy is a testament to a singular, unified experience. It’s a continuous testing suite where you can test your web, mobile, desktop and APIs.

A unified app testing platform featuring:

1) Codeless Test Development: Empowering both seasoned and non-coding testers to contribute to quality assurance with equal proficiency.

2) Local or On Cloud Test Execution: Automated & Parallel test execution on your existing cloud or local devices.
3) Comprehensive Test Infrastructure: Featuring 5000+ real devices & browser combinations

4) Painless Test Maintenance with AI based self-healing technology

5) Test Management: Holistic view on the manual & automated tests run

6) Seamless DevOps Integration: Enhancing efficiency with easy integration into existing CI/CD pipelines.

What Sets Pcloudy Apart, Now More Than Ever

1) Beyond Test Infra - A Complete Testing Ecosystem

We’ve always prided ourselves on being pioneers in building the most diverse cloud Infrastructure featuring real devices and browsers, but now, we are trailblazers of a movement towards consolidated tools, reduced costs, and true continuous testing. Revamped Pcloudy is a one-stop platform that diminishes the boundaries between different testing phases and


Our platform is uniquely positioned to offer not just the cloud-based test infrastructure but a holistic testing ecosystem. Pcloudy stands out by seamlessly melding codeless test development, execution, infrastructure, and management into one platform. This integration simplifies processes, fosters collaboration, and drives efficiency in a way that isolated tools simply can’t match.

2) Unifying Testing for Digital Touchpoints in a Fragmented World:

In today’s digital landscape, customers expect to transition seamlessly across various channels like mobile, web, or desktop. Addressing this, Pcloudy offers a robust platform that unifies testing across these multiple touchpoints within a single workflow. This integrated testing facilitates consistent and high-quality user experiences, reflecting the diverse ways users interact with digital interfaces.

The multitude of testing tools typically required for such tasks comes with the challenge of separate updates, configurations, and steep learning curves. Pcloudy simplifies this complexity with an all-encompassing, user-friendly platform, consolidating disparate testing processes. This cohesive approach significantly diminishes maintenance demands, allowing teams to concentrate on enhancing app quality rather than juggling multiple testing tools.

3) Comprehensive Test Infrastructure for a Diverse Digital Ecosystem

As businesses cater to an audience using an array of devices right from smartphones to smartwatches, the need for a test infrastructure that encompasses this diversity becomes evident. Our cloud-based test infrastructure is rich with 5000+ real devices, browsers & other non-standard devices. This breadth of coverage means that businesses can ensure their applications perform impeccably, no matter the device or platform.

Our platform is designed to evolve, accommodating new devices and platforms as they emerge. This makes for a test infrastructure that’s not just robust but also future-proof, ensuring that your testing capabilities grow in sync with the digital landscape.

4) The Democratization of Quality Assurance

At Pcloudy, we believe quality assurance should be accessible to all. Our no-code approach and intuitive UI mean that test automation is no longer gated by complex coding skills, allowing a wider range of professionals to contribute to app quality. This inclusivity is what sets us apart, empowering teams with diverse backgrounds to harness the power of automated testing.

5) Powered by AI/ML models

On top of it, the platform has been powered by AI layer which included features like Self Healing scripts for Appium and Selenium to reduce test maintenance efforts. It has features like SyncTest to perform manual tests in parallel on multiple devices.
There is an AI powered Bot testing to run quick sanity and exploratory tests, Visual regression testing to uncover visual bugs through Visual AI and Progressive Reports to track and analyse performance metrics like CPU, Memory and battery consumption.

What Can You Expect?

In the spirit of true transformation, you can anticipate a more harmonious and streamlined workflow. Collaborate with unprecedented ease, witness a substantial reduction in the cost of quality, and finally, experience continuous testing that lives up to its name.

Our promise to you is not just a new product, but a new paradigm. We’re not just handing over a platform; we’re inviting you into a community where quality is the universal language.

So, to all the tenacious testers, the meticulous managers, and every professional who is part of this incredible industry: we welcome you to join us in this new chapter. As co-founder of Pcloudy, I am incredibly excited to embark on this journey with you.

Let’s step into the future together—a future where every application enriches user journeys without a hitch, hiccup, or holdup. After all, at Pcloudy, we don’t just test applications; we nurture the ambitions of a world driven by flawless digital experiences.

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