How many devices you have tested your applications on? How are you making sure your application is indeed working on all the devices available in the market?

Yes one must test the application on Real devices, rather quite a lot of devices available in the market and must not rely only on emulators or one or two devices available with the developers. If so, you know that it’s difficult, primarily because of fragmentation in Android space. There are 9+ os versions, 8+ display resolutions, 5+ aspect ratios , 10+ physical device sizes & OEM customizations. All these factors are getting wider and wider day by day. So testing your application on all the devices is impractical because it consumes whole lot of time and buying so many devices is too expensive.


Now what? First you should bring out an optimal set of devices which is derived by considering all the above factors in fragmentation. It turns out that its still too expensive to buy these devices. To avoid investing in buying a moving target of devices, you should try to lease the devices. You can save your efforts of buying & managing the moving target and of-course lot of money.

This is exactly pcloudy is trying to solve, Real Android Devices on cloud for you to lease the devices only for the duration you need to finish your task. You will get access to Real Android Devices through any modern browser to finish your manual testing anddebugging. This tool is being used by lot of testing and development communities across the world today.

Below are few feature from this wonderful tool.
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