How to leverage pCloudy in your DevOps

DevOps is an essential part of the software development lifecycle in most of the organizations. Software companies are making efforts to enhance the efficiency of DevOps and to simplify the setup process. For DevOps to be successful we need to make sure that the CI/CD pipeline is functioning smoothly. Using pCloudy you can achieve higher efficiency in your CI/CD process and implement continuous testing with ease.

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • Mobile DevOps
  • pCloudy Jenkins plugin
  • DevOps using pCloudy + Appium
  • Demo


Prashanth M Nair

Prashanth is an avid technologist. He has in the past worked in companies like Nokia, Accenture, and Harman. Devops is his latest passion. When he is not working, you would find him reading Tolkien or Martin. He now heads Engineering at pCloudy


58 mins

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