The Pcloudy Story

Dawn of Digital Transition

In the early 2000s, businesses transitioning to digital faced challenges ensuring app compatibility across devices and platforms.This was the era where manual testing dominated, making the process lengthy, resource-intensive, and expensive.

Recognizing this problem, our founders Pankaj Goel, Lalit Jain, & Avinash Tiwari identified the need for a more streamlined approach to testing.The outcome of their innovation was Pcloudy, a cloud based app testing solution in 2017. Pcloudy became a favorite among testers to test their apps on thousands of real devices and browsers with much ease on the cloud. Our aim was simple: Support the dev & testing teams to achieve unmatched app quality by experiencing "aha!" moments.

As the industry transitioned and the automation revolution set in, it brought new challenges. Many testers struggled with the shift, especially if they weren't familiar with coding. Those adept at coding also faced challenges with complex code & script maintenance. Additionally, with the rise of multiple tools for different testing tasks, the process became even more complex.

Identifying this gap, the question was clear: Why switch between multiple tools when we can have an all-inclusive platform that solves every purpose of testing?


Testing World

By 2023, we revamped Pcloudy into a unified app testing platform. The platform was reimagined to be one where codeless test development helps create an inclusive space for everyone-coders or not. Add to that, a test infrastructure that boasts of 5000+ real devices & browser combos to execute your tests on and a test management suite to manage all tests.

In essence, our evolution has been a story of transforming the testing world to be more accessible, efficient, effective and, most importantly complete. This ensures the ultimate app quality for all users everywhere. And that, dear reader, is the Pcloudy promise.




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Our Leadership Team

Avinash Tiwari

Co-Founder & Head of Pcloudy

Pankaj Goel


Lalit Jain


Nilesh Tarale

VP - Presales

Suraj Menon

AVP - Sales

Shivani Sinha

AVP - Marketing

Smruti Ranjan

Associate Manager - QA

Varun Kumar

Senior Lead - Software Development


Lead - Software Development

Amit Pandey

Senior Team Lead - IT

Jaymit Shah

Program Manager - Presales & Implementation


Senior Manager - Client Success & Support

Shueb Ahmed

Manager - Presales

Srinivas Sharma

AVP - Sales

Shibu Prasad Panda

Senior Lead - Software Development

Our Values


We value genuine expression, fostering a transparent environment where open and honest communication thrives.

Embrace Challenges

At Pcloudy, we rally together with grit and resourcefulness, placing team before self, to proactively address and overcome obstacles.

Foster Entrepreneurial

We empower every pCloudian to take initiative, lead with passion, and drive impactful change for the business

Commit to

Mediocrity isn't our benchmark. We continually learn and evolve, aiming to set industry-leading standards in all our endeavors.

Develop, Execute & Manage

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