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pCloudy-OxygenHQ Integration

Jeroline | Posted on | 2 min Read

Revolutionizing App Testing: The pCloudy-OxygenHQ Integration

As the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, businesses are seeking smarter ways to build, test, and deliver applications. Key to meeting these modern day demands highlights the importance of a robust testing ecosystem that can ensure a seamless end-user experience. At pCloudy, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions to address these ever-growing needs. We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with OxygenHQ – a leading open-source automation testing framework. This integration significantly streamlines the automation testing process, allowing testing teams to create, run, and manage tests more efficiently.



OxygenHQ is renowned for its simplicity and versatility in helping testing professionals write and execute automation tests. Built atop robust platforms such as Selenium, Appium, WebdriverIO, and WinAppDriver, OxygenHQ provides a comprehensive toolset for all your automation testing needs. Its scripts are penned in JavaScript, adhering to the ECMAScript 6 standards, ensuring compatibility and scalability.


The core strength of OxygenHQ lies in its modularity. It is made up of numerous modules, each geared towards a different functionality. These modules offer the flexibility to customize the framework based on unique project requirements. The range of functionalities supported by these modules also reduces the dependencies on multiple tools, providing a unified platform for all automation testing activities.


Moreover, OxygenHQ has native support for Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) through its built-in Cucumber implementation. This allows teams to define test scenarios in a language understood by both business stakeholders and developers, fostering better collaboration and ensuring alignment with business goals.


Our integration with OxygenHQ brings this power and versatility to pCloudy’s mobile app testing platform. Users can now write Oxygen scripts directly within pCloudy’s environment, execute these scripts on our extensive range of real mobile devices, and gain insights from detailed reports generated post-execution.


The pCloudy-OxygenHQ integration promises several key benefits:


Increased Efficiency:


With OxygenHQ’s simplified scripting process and pCloudy’s device cloud, test creation and execution becomes swift and streamlined. This accelerates the testing cycle and helps you get your app to market faster.


Enhanced Collaboration:


The use of BDD facilitates better understanding among team members, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. This leads to improved team synergy and higher quality output.


Greater Test Coverage:


The integration allows for running tests on pCloudy’s vast array of real mobile devices, ensuring comprehensive test coverage. This improves the reliability of your tests, ensuring that the executions take place successfully across various devices.


In-depth Insights:


Post-execution, pCloudy generates detailed reports providing valuable insights into your tests. This allows you to identify and resolve any issues quickly, improving the overall quality of your apps.


The pCloudy-OxygenHQ integration signifies our ongoing commitment to equip businesses with the tools and support necessary to build top-tier software applications. This enhanced collaboration between development and testing environments not only optimizes your testing processes but also ensures that your apps always provide a great user experience.


Stay tuned for more of these latest updates and exciting new integrations as we continue to strengthen the platform to meet the dynamic needs of the app testing world.


Our team of experts is always here to guide you and answer any questions you might have. We believe in empowering our clients with the most effective tools for success – and the pCloudy-OxygenHQ integration is yet another step toward achieving this goal.


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