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Life cycle automation for multi-channel testing with cloud-based mobile lab

DIGITAL DISRUPTION is pushing the businesses to redefine their customer engagement paradigms! As they spend top dollars in embracing new-age digital transformations, MOBILITY becomes the key factor! The adoption of smart devices is increasing and adding new revenue streams for the global players. But, when thousands of mobile devices and Applications proliferate the market at an amazing speed, how do businesses ensure they build quality Applications that don’t fail across all the different channels (desktop web and mobile) and variety of devices, browsers and operating systems?

In this webinar, we will talk about

  • Role of automation across the testing lifecycle to enable quality with speed
  • Challenges involved in Multi-channel testing to deliver consistent customer experience across the channels (Web, Mobile, etc.)
  • Hexaware’s approach for automation across testing life cycle for multi-channel testing
  • Demo of lifecycle automation for multi-channel testing using Hexawar’s iD2E (Integrated Design to Execution) platform and pCloudy’s cloud-based on-demand mobile lab