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Bitrise – pCloudy Integration: All you need to know

pCloudy has always been determined to make it easy for our users to perform their testing tasks with much ease. A recent addition to pCloudy plugins has become a popular talk of the town in the world of Testing. The all new Bitrise-pCloudy plugin allows users to simply install their apk or ipa files on the devices without the hassle of transferring the app data from your personal computer. The plugin acts as an interface between the pCloudy devices and the Bitirise platform to easily sync the installation files from the app building platform straight to the Testing Cloud.

What is Bitrise?


Bitrise is a Continuous integration platform that allows users to run their Android or iOS builds on isolated dedicated cloud systems. App developers can simply pull the artifactories from the Github repository and convert them to ready to install apk or ipa files to test and use on the various devices.

pCloudy Bitrise Plugin


The Bitrise plugin allows users to view the list of the apk or ipa files from the Bitrise platform on the My App Data of the pCloudy platform. This way a user need not spend time on downloading the apk or the ipa file from Bitrise onto their computer systems and then again upload it on the My App Data page on the pCloudy platform. Users can simply use this plugin to directly enlist and install the apk or ipa files from Bitrise onto the pCloudy devices without having to spend time in uploading or downloading the apk or ipa files.

Benefits of Bitrise


  • Bitrise helps app developers and testers to convert Artifactories from Github to readable apk/ipa file to try and test on mobile devices. The plugin allows its users to sync the installation files from Bitrise to pCloudy without the hassle of downloading or uploading the files.
  • As almost all app developers from Enterprises, Medium and Small teams use Bitrise to build different versions of the app apk/ipa file. The installation and testing of the variation of apps on the pCloudy platform is made easy.
  • The plugin allows you to easily integrate your application apk/ipa files from Bitrise onto the device on the pCloudy platform.
  • The Secret Variables feature on Bitrise allows you to save your authentication details securely on the system.
  • Workflows and Steps on Bitrise allow you to configure various tools and integrations to build easy workflows and scenarios.

How to use the Bitrise Plugin on pCloudy?

You will need to simply update the pCloudy authentication details and add the pCloudy plugin onto an existing workflow on Bitrise. Simply add the plugin as one of the steps in the build workflow and you can see the apk or ipa files listed on the pCloudy platform to install and test the app. For step-by-step instructions on using this plugin, you can access the documentation link here.

Bitrise Plugin on pCloudy


The integration of Bitrise on the pCloudy platform will surely decrease the time taken to test apps as it reduces the app deployment time for the development and testing teams drastically. Users can now get the best of both worlds by managing their App Build workflow on Bitrise and turn to pCloudy for continuous testing. And since both Bitrise and pCloudy enable continuous integration and delivery, enterprises can use this integration to achieve Continuous Testing in their organizations. The integration of pCloudy and Bitrise is surely going to transform app testing and deployment efforts much easier than before. 

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