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For Apple lovers, Apple’s annual hardware showcase is more like celebrating Christmas in September. Apple employees work hard in the Cupertino workshop throughout the year to be ready for this day, when CEO Tim Cook takes the stage and offers the world a brand new iPhone. Infact 3 new iPhones.


Following last year’s iPhoneX, Apple announced iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. There was also a session showcasing its most powerful wearable till now – Apple Watch Series 4.


Don’t worry if you have missed the event. We have all covered it all for you. Read on our blog to find out all about Apple’s big event.


We will cover about the iPhones announced later in the blog. Here we will have a look at the other product line updates apart from major mobile product announcements and how well those products are doing and more. Here is the highlight:


  • Cook talked about all the original Apple TV programs that’s been announced so far. In addition to that, Apple just signed deals for two movies: The star wolves and elephants.
  • Apple is about to ship its 2 billionth iOS device.
  • The iPhone XS uses recycled tin and bio-based plastics (and more), part of Apple’s clean and renewable energy push.
  • Updates to the HomePod to makes it more useful.
  • Price drops on the existing iPhones, with the iPhone 7 starting at $449.
  • You’ll be able to update to iOS 12 on Sept. 17 and MacOS Mojave on Sept. 24. (Is your device upgradeable to iOS 12? Find out more here

    Now let’s have a look at the iPhones announced in detail.


    iPhone XS and XS Max


    iPhone XS and XS Max


    Announcement of iPhone XS and XS Max come as a relief to iPhone fans who have been busy speculating and eagerly waiting for months for this big announcement. No more wait buddies! Here is a sneak peek at the 2 iPhones announced:


    • The iPhone XS Max is bigger than the Note 9, and both XS Max and the iPhone XS get a makeover inside and out.
    • The new Core ML engine for game speed was highlighted in the mobile version of Elder Scrolls: Blades and Galaga.
    • They incorporate the industry’s first 7nm CPU, the new A12 Bionic.
    • New cameras supplemented with AI-enhanced capabilities such as Smart HDR and facial feature detection (“facial landmarking”).
    • They boast better battery life.
    • Both support dual SIMs with an eSIM and a physical nanoSIM.
    • iPhone XS starts at $999, the iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099. Both are shipping on Sept. 21.


    iPhone XR


    iPhone XR


    • Since it is difficult for everyone to afford iPhone flagships, so Apple announced iPhone XR. It has an LCD-based, 6.1-inch “Liquid Retina” display.
    • It’s bigger but less expensive than the iPhone X.
    • It too incorporates the A12 Bionic chip, the same wide-angle camera as the XS models, and the same AI-driven camera features.


    Six finishes, four capacities, starts at $749. Preorders start from Oct. 19 and shipping from Oct. 26.
    This implies that time has come to bid goodbye to iPhones SE, 6S and 6S Plus. In other words, bid farewell to iPhones with headphone jacks.


    Here’s a look at the new iPhone prices compared at different locations.


    New iPhone Prices


    Apple Watch Series 4
    Apple watch series 4


    Thanks to its new zero-bezel design and having replaced the button with haptic touch regions, the new series of the Apple Watch increases its face size to 40mm and 44mm.


    • Comes with a bigger display and a smaller bezel, which offers 30 percent more screen space to display fitness stats, sport scores, and calendar information.
    • It has a better microphone and a speaker that Apple says is twice as loud as last year’s model, to make it easier to take phone calls, use the Walkie Talkie functionality, or bark commands at Siri.
    • A new dual core 64-bit processor, designed in-house, gives this one twice the performance speed, and a few new sensors make it possible for it to better track your health.
    • The Apple Watch now sends notifications when your heart rate is too low, or if your heart rhythm is irregular—helping to detect and diagnose problems early on. It can also tell if you’ve taken a hard fall, which will trigger an option to make an emergency call (literally Apple’s version of “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!).
    • Most importantly, a new sensor in the Series 4 makes it possible to measure ECG, something that’s never been possible before in a consumer device. The FDA even gave it a seal of approval.
    • The watch starts at $399 for GPS, $499 for cellular. If that sounds like a serious chunk of change, some good news: The Series 3 gets a drop to $279.


    Conclusion: As pCloudy has always been committed to provide you with the newest, the fastest, this time again we commit to provide you access to these new iPhones at the earliest. Keep a watch at this space for our new Phones announcement.