How Compatible is Your App on Various Devices? We Help You Find Out!

Compatibility Of Your App

We have recently done a series of tests to help you find the compatibility of your app on various Android devices

  It’s not an obvious matter of fact that there would be a particular device that suits your app. Especially, when there are end number of mobile manufacturers are foraying into the Indian market lately. However, careful selection of devices can ensure wide coverage.

‘’Mobile phone manufacturing in the country may reach 500 million units in coming two years’’

 The success of your app depends on the compatibility of your app on various devices and platforms. Before you launch your App in the market, it’s extremely important to ensure that Apps runs on a wide range of devices your customers will possibly be using. Considering the number and variety of devices available in the market, it’s not possible to test the App on all the devices. However, careful selection of devices can ensure wide coverage.

In this context, we have done a through research to help you select the right device for testing. We have analyzed a wide range of data from the public domain, industry reports and our platform generated data to create this report for you.

Below are some key findings,


  1. Top Android versions in Indian Market

Jellybean (versions 4.1 to 4.3) is the most widely used Android versions (~50%) among Indian Smartphone users. A close second is kitKat(4.4) (~42%). Looking at the growth trend, soon it would acquire the no. 1 spot.3rd is Ice cream Sandwich (4.0) (~ 4%)


Top Android versions in Indian Market

2.Market share of Manufacturers in Indian Market

Market share of Manufacturers in Indian MarketNo one can beat the popularity of Samsung when it comes to Android phones, followed by the Indian manufacturers Micromax because of their low-cost phones. There are other companies like Intex and Lava who competes against each other in the same space. With most of the Chinese giants joining the race, this is going to be interesting

3.Top Android devices in Indian market (usage wise)

 We have been tracking device usage data on our platform since last year. Moreover, based on the feedbacks from various customers, we are able to give you the following data.

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