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Shivani Sinha | Posted on | 2 min Read

Rewind 2022 : A Year of Resilience, Grit and Growth

As we’re approaching the end of 2022, it’s time to take a sneak peek at those moments in the year when we pressed the needle forward serving the mobile community and assisting teams achieve success in mobile app testing. 2022 was a year of Resilience: full of challenges with potential to lots of learning and growth. Let’s wrap up the year and see what happened over the past 12 months! 👏


The Biggest Update – Funding


We are incredibly excited that Opkey (pCloudy is a part of Opkey) closed an $8 Million financing round led by Vertica Capital Partners back in Q1 2022. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Vertica, who not only are seasoned investors in our sector, but also share our vision for using cloud and web based mobile app testing to address the major pain points of enterprises aspiring to build quality apps. We want to say a huge “Thank You” to all our customers and partners who have been our pillars of support in this journey. We are really grateful for the continuous support, feedback and loyalty we’ve received so far.


Brand Refresh


We’ve been able to successfully roll out the biggest update in terms of the Product Experience. With a fresh new look, well thought-out design, and various enhancements to make it faster, sleek and smooth, we unveil the newly enriched pCloudy platform to you. With a revamp to the whole UI of the platform and the website we’re sure that the newly designed platform will make your navigation effortless, testing faster, and access easier features and draw in your passion for testing. Come and experience the platform that is Built For You! Share your thoughts and suggestions, we’d love to hear your feedback.


Brand refresh


Our Product milestones 🏆


  • Progressive Reports

The state of the art Progressive reports is a new feature on pCloudy that allows users to view the various testing statistics in real-time. Some of these stats include – build and test status, test duration, app profiling stats, live video stream etc. Now, you don’t have to wait till the end of the test execution to know which test cases have passed or failed. You can work on the solution much faster using Progressive Reports, a realtime reporting capability on pCloudy.


  • New Visual AI Plugin launched

We have launched a new Visual AI plugin that makes your visual testing ridiculously simple. The plugin allows you to compare screenshots to spot differences, check for accuracy of the App’s UI and helps you compare graphics, text, or icons to the minutest of details. What’s more? You can do all this in an instant while the others are still stuck on the first step.


  • Enterprise Dashboard

Project/Program Managers don’t have to depend on Excel reports to analyze their teams testing  activities, They can simply access the Enterprise Dashboard to get an insight on various real time testing tasks, resources utilization and manage productivity.


  • App Center integration

One of the biggest upgrades we released this year is the App Center integration. With this integration you will be able to seamlessly manage your apps effectively and efficiently.


  • Enterprise team based project implementation

You can now configure Teams on the platform and manage multiple projects within the platform. This feature makes it easy for enterprises to segregate projects and align resources with much ease. From allocating devices to aligning test files to a particular team is made easy on the pCloudy platform.


  • Self-Healing Plugin

pCloudy’s new Self-healing plugin automatically heals Test Scripts in accordance with the changes in the application.


  • Foreign Language Integration

This special new feature allows users in Japan to use the platform in their native language. Users can now use the platform in a localized language from particular geographies on request.


  • Integration with Codemagic CI/CD

We have also added the Codemagic CI/CD workflow into the list of integrations that are supported with pCloudy. Now developers and testers who use Codemagic CI/CD to build and develop their flutter, iOS, Android, React Native apps can easily integrate pCloudy into their workflow and enhance their testing experience.


  • Added the most Demanded New Devices on the platform

You’ve heard that right. We have added New and latest devices including iPhone 14 and iPhone 14Pro in the market. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on these New Mobile Devices. Now’s your chance to Access New Device List


What made us proud ✨


This year — despite the big challenges coming our way, we weren’t short of the proud moments!

Breakfree (A Thought Leadership Series) – BreakFree is an initiative to connect like-minded individuals who are hungry to learn everything there is to Software/App Testing. The main aim and focus of this initiative is to build a community of learners, problem-solvers, experts, and everybody in between to come together to learn, share, discuss and bring positive changes in the Development and Testing space for it to grow in great leaps and bounds. We have already done 9 sessions with industry experts and veterans in the testing space. Read more here






Community Launch:


We are so excited about the buzz that is always going on in our officially launched in-house testing community – Test Titans, this year. Come, join all the testing enthusiasts from different walks of their testing careers. Test Titan’s is a safe place to share knowledge, best practices, learn and grow from each other’s testing journeys. We are excited to welcome you aboard to our community and family of testing Champions who are transforming the Testing world one step at a time. Join the community


Events that kept us abuzz 👀


Platinum Sponsor at Software Testing Conference:

STC platinum sponsor


We were happy to sponsor the Annual International Software Testing Conference this year again after a short hiatus. Avinash Tiwari, Co-Founder of pCloudy was one of the keynote speakers at the event. He surely wooed the audience with great practical advice and insights as he spoke on “Bulletproof your Mobile and Web Apps by developing a Digital Immunity System“. Watch the recording here!


Hackathon banner


The 30th of July is a memorable day at pCloudy that was filled with high energy testing enthusiasts and problem solving. That’s right, the day of the Hackathon brought so much energy like never before. We hosted the first ever test automation hackathon this year with over 1000+ participants and a prize money worth 2 lakhs.  Read about how it all went down here


New Partners & Clientel


At pCloudy, we are constantly adjusting our approaches and expanding our client and partner base. Our diverse customer base spans industries such as banking, finance, insurance, and software. We are excited to have them on board and look forward to working with them to build an amazing app testing journey for all the testers and developers out there.


All logos



Recognition & Awards


At pCloudy, we prioritize providing excellent product experience and support, which has allowed us to consistently grow and thrive as an organization over the years. We are proud to have built up a strong track record of success and to have won numerous G2 badges. We’re so humbled to have a family of clients who continue to shower us with their awesome reviews that helped us earn these G2 Badges – Easiest to Use, Easiest Setup, Best Relationship, Best Est ROI. Love it when our customers rave over us.


G2 image




Offsite trip:


Saklespur 1

At pCloudy, we have always been about valuing people and cherishing relationships. Which has eventually led us to create great experiences for our clients time and again. So we planned an off-site trip to Sakleshpur to spend some time to unwind, refresh and re-energize as a team for the growth that is ahead of us. Here’s a detailed account of how we spent these good times together.


Corporate Family Day:


Year end party


Recently we had the opportunity to show appreciation to our team and foster a sense of community and connection among them by hosting them to a Christmas Family Dinner at Hilton, Bangalore. Delicious food and drinks were served, and this was an amazing opportunity for us to socialize and mingle with our colleagues and their families.This was an enjoyable way to celebrate the holiday season and sign off the year with festive spirits.


Summing Up


As we reflect on the past year, we are grateful for all of the achievements, challenges, and lessons that we have learnt. We are proud of the progress that we have made, and we are grateful to all of our clients, partners, and team members for their support and dedication.We couldn’t have done this without you. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue building on our successes and to take on new challenges in the coming year. We are committed to staying at the forefront and continue to make the app testing journey better for everyone. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about our year in review blog. Thank you for your support and for being a part of our journey.

Shivani Sinha

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