pCloudy in 2018

2019 is around the corner and it’s just the time to recap on the major events and milestones of pCloudy in 2018. We thank each one of you for your immense support and trust you bestow on us that keeps us working towards improving pCloudy to meet all your testing needs.


Let’s recap:


1. User base: With an incessant growth in the app testing market, pCloudy made a remarkable progress outpacing the market growth and making more than a 100% jump in its user base. We crossed the 50,000 user milestone this year and have more than 65,000 users registered on pCloudy platform till date.


pCloudy Growth

2. Immense growth in clientele and partners: This year has been a breakthrough for us in terms of setting up a one-of its kind cloud device infrastructure for one of the biggest telecom players in India. We have set up a cloud of 200 mobile devices that can scale upto 500 devices.


200 Mobile Devices

We have also succeeded in adding some big names in our clientele to gaining confidence among the Software industry and partnering with notable ones in the industry.

We partnered with stalwarts like UST Global, Capgemini, Marlabs, Emids, Mphasis this year while enterprises like Philips, Decathalon, Aon Hewitt, On Mobile, Kony Services, LPL got added in our clientele. We are proud to say that we have replaced our competitors in most of these accounts.

Clients and Partners

3. Major breakthroughs and Product Enhancement: In our incessant effort to make mobile app testing disruptive, faster and effective, we got some major breakthroughs this year.


Feature icons

Let’s have a look at them:


a) iOSConnect: Bridging the gap for iOS development lifecycle

One of the very powerful features that we added is the iOSConnect. With iOSConnect, you can connect to an iOS Device which is present remotely and access the device as if the device is connected to your computer. With iOSConnect we are bridging the gap for the iOS development lifecycle.


b) Automation Studio: Codeless Automation Tool to scale your app tests

We have added an in-built automation studio in pCloudy platform where you can access the devices to record your test scripts and execute it in parallel on multiple devices without writing any code.


c) Simpler Appium Integration Architecture

We have released a newer and simpler Appium integration architecture to simplify your Appium test execution on Android and iOS devices with pCloudy. The newer architecture make developers’ life simpler with lesser changes in the code. And wonder what! it makes you save 50% of your app testing time.


d) TouchID and FaceID for iOS devices no more a blocker

To ease out the process of authenticating TouchID or FaceID manually every time, you can now bypass the verification in your apps using our utility.


e) Test local or Staged sites with Local site emulation

It’s a path breaking feature for enterprise mobility. Local Site emulation Testing provides a platform to test private or internal servers on any Android device present on pCloudy.


4. Bringing intelligence to mobile app testing: Our AI powered bot Certifaya has been extremely successful this year in running deep exploratory tests and crash tests for our users. Certifaya has completed more than 1000 sessions in a short span of time.

Follow Me: It is again one- of -its- kind feature of pCloudy. This feature can speed up your app testing exponentially. It lets you perform tests in synchronous mode on one device that gets replicated on multiple other devices which means we have added brains in our tools to speed up your app tests.

We have also started working on the prototype for Predictive analytics and we hope to launch it with a bang by next year.


5. Year of super successful events: 2018 has been a year for super successful events. We organized our annual event ‘TEKConnect’18‘ to bring together the best of minds and solutions in order to accelerate app testing and business outcomes. We also launched our re-imagined UI with pCloudy 5.0.
pCloudy TEKConnect Event

We also organized our first user conference, pCloudy Engage in Mumbai this year to engage with some of the best testing practitioners among our customers.


pCloudy Engage

We also participated in Techwell StarWest 2018, the biggest software testing conference in the US, and received a great response at our booth.
STC Event 2018

We were the title sponsors of Software Testing Conference in India this year and pCloudy became the talk of the town after this event. The insightful keynote by Avinash Tiwari, our co-founder on “Will AI be another Tesla for software testing” became a huge hit and we received responses like never before.


STC Event 2018

6) Recognition: pCloudy has been felicitated with the “The Smart CEO Startup50 Award: under the enterprise technology category at the prestigious “SmartCEO Startup50 Awards 2018 presented by Facebook”. It was an honor to receive the award from the renowned investor Mr. Mohandas Pai himself. He was also the chief guest at the award ceremony that day.


Smart CEO Certificate of Achievement

7) A Blend Of Work And Fun: pCloudy is not just committed to its customers but also to its employees. Bringing a smile on every pCloudian is a reward and acts as a catalyst in improving our performance. Every pCloudian believes in working hard and partying even harder.

We are thankful to each one of you for your trust and support throughout. Embarking on such a journey would have been impossible without you. We are proud of our achievements even this year but will strive to have more exciting starts and remarkable successes in 2019. We will continue to improve our products and make your experience with pCloudy a remarkable one.


pCloudians 2018


Appy Holidays and have a great year ahead!!

Happy new year 2019

5 App Testing Trends

So, the most awaited 2 days long Software testing conference STARWEST 2018 came to an end on 4th October, with the most insightful and pragmatic gathering and discussions to tackle the fast growing ‘software testing’ head-on. When the venue selected is supposed to be the “Happiest place on Earth – Disneyland”, how could you not be rejuvenated to take software testing to a next level.


With the top minds in software testing coming together to share the latest trends, tips on stage and through conference networking opportunities, STARWEST this year too has succeeded in bringing forth excellent insights about future of testing in rapidly changing times. More than 40 top companies participated in this one-of its kind Expo where we have witnessed some of the monumental key developments that would shape testing landscape in the coming years.


Over 1000 software testers gathered and more than 70 empanelled speakers graced the expo for 2 days. Attendees heard from experts like: John Bach from eBay, Adam Auerbach talking about how continuous testing in DevOps will help business achieve business success, Rob Somourin from Amibug.com, Max Saperstone from Coveros to name a few.


In between sessions, the pCloudy booth was flooded with people. Our team of three did their best to answer questions and get feedback from those who are already using pCloudy as well as folks who were new to pCloudy.


STC Event 2018


Here are the biggest lessons that we learnt at the STARWEST event this year:


1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are coming to help testing; not replace it
2. Testing can’t survive without Data analytics
3. Flight plan for Agile and DevOps success
4. Exploratory testing rediscovered
5. Mobile app a part of test strategy for enterprises for next 2 years


1) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are coming to help testing; not replace it:


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are playing key roles in this revolution through improvements in search results, recommendations, forecasts, and other predictions. Testing practitioners are recognizing the potential for advances in AI and ML to be leveraged for automated testing—an area that still requires significant manual effort.


Last year we came up with something which was quite new to the market our AI-based test bot for Mobile App – Certifaya. This year we see this trend catching up. There are quite a number of new tools focusing on NLP driven Automated Test case generation to AI driven self-healing automated tests. Good to see competition in this space! The race has just begun.


2) Testing can’t survive without Data analytics: Another major learning at StarWest event this year has been the growing importance of Data Analytics in Software Testing. We are in the age of Analytics where the test data captured are translated into actionable insights for future improvement. These solutions proactively identify problem areas in the testing process and indicate the way forward to achieve a high-quality software product. Predictive analytics uses mathematical algorithms and machine learning technologies to forecast outcomes of software testing procedures. This technique uses current and past data to generate insights and locate potential points of failure in software testing outcomes. This enables the development and testing leaders to proactively address issues early in the lifecycle, and hence faster and easier. The combination of test automation and advanced analytics will enable software development and testing managers to spend more time on strategic activities that drive greater business value over a longer term.


3) Flight plan for Agile and DevOps success: A new Forrester research project surveyed over 600 organizations to determine what matters the most for DevOps and Agile success. The research discovered high-level findings like:

a) Firms that are more mature in Agile+DevOps do five key things differently:

i) they allocate proper testing budgets and focus on upgrading their testing skills;

ii) they implement continuous testing to meet the demands of release frequency and support continuous delivery;

iii) they include testers as part of their integrated delivery teams;

iv) they automate end-to-end functional testing; and

v) they shift-left testing to earlier in the development life cycle. For firms that follow these five best practices, testing is a way to gain speed and efficiency, rather than a bottleneck to delivering faster.


b) Experts focus primarily on contextual metrics (e.g., requirements coverage) while others focus on “counting” metrics (e.g., number of tests).


c) Experts are more likely to measure the user experience across an end-to-end transaction while others rely on application-specific or team-specific metrics.


4) Exploratory testing rediscovered: The testing community is caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to exploratory testing. Although exploratory testing has been around for ages, it often leads to more confusion than clarity. Exploratory testing is the process of learning the product, designing test cases, executing test cases and interpreting the test results at the same time. It is a method that requires the tester to think critically through the entire process, making decisions based off factors such as the test scope, charter, and goals. This means that exploratory testing, by definition, cannot be automated.

That being said, there are aspects of exploratory testing that can be automated. Exploratory testing is able to go beyond the confines of automated tests. Automated tests can perform the majority of the “heavy lifting”, freeing up your testers to apply their considerable expertise and business knowledge to discovering new defects, testing usability, and exploring the program in a way that is deeper and more insightful than what an automated test can accomplish.


5) Mobile app a part of test strategy for enterprises for next 2 years: Among some interesting facts that we witnessed at StarWest this year, 60-65% of organizations mentioned that Mobile App is part of their strategy in the next 1-2 year. Many organizations are still relying on Mobile Web as their digital strategy on Mobile devices. This is expected from organizations starting their digital transformation journey but still, the number of higher than expected considering we are talking about the US market. Separate mobile and web teams still seem to be the case for most of the organizations.

This seems to be interesting because this is contrary to our above mentioned point where they stress on collaboration.

pCloudy ENGAGE

As per our initiative to engage with enthusiastic and bright-minded app testing professionals in the industry, we at pCloudy held a user meet-up, pCloudy ENGAGE, Mumbai edition for our enterprise customers in Mumbai on 2nd of August, 2018. With so much of hard-work and planning put behind the event, it turned out to be a big success where we could discuss about some insightful experiences and the best practices in mobile app testing space from our customers.


pCloudy Engage


In our pursuit to look for innovative ideas to solve software quality and testing related challenges of mobile applications pCloudy continues to focus on three major themes at pCloudy ENGAGE, Mumbai edition.


Focus on USERS: First hand feedback from the customers is unmatched and that has always been on our priority list. We got many insightful suggestions and feedback to make our product robust and futuristic which made the event even more productive.


Focus on GROWTH: The event was all about mutual help to grow each other’s businesses. We brought forth some of the hidden gem features of pCloudy that can change the game for enterprise mobility. In return we received invaluable feedback and suggestions to better our product.


Focus on FUTURISTIC FEATURES: We have always endeavored to be the frontrunner in the market. With every update release we try to strengthen the platform in line with intelligence to meet the market demands and accelerate delivery.


pCloudy Customers


The keynote speaker for the day was Mr. Avinash Tiwari, our co-founder who spoke about the fast-paced growth in the industry and the evolution of mobile app testing. He also spoke about how Continuous testing and delivery has accelerated the delivery of apps from months to days and has also improved the quality of apps. But, he posed a serious question – seeing the pace of growth and advancement in the app test industry what is going to maintain the quality @speed beyond continuous testing. The future of app testing! Features like – bot test, predictive analytics, parallelism in manual app tests and crowd tests can change the game of next gen app testing.


Avinash Tiwari - Keynote Speaker


Next was the turn of presenting the hidden gems of pCloudy – the features that can level up the app testing for enterprise mobility?

  • The first hidden gem was the introduction of an important capability for cross browser testing which can make web app testing a breeze. Heeding to the growing demands of our users, we have introduced the Launch and Upload browser feature for our Android users which will give him the freedom to choose the version and the browser that he wants to use. This is going to save their testing time and efforts to a great extent and also give better results for their cross browser test.



  • Next hidden gem showed how you can turn your remote device in-hand USB device and work wonders like inspecting object elements using Appium inspector. You can run ADB commands or get debug info like an in-hand device connected and it can run on any open source tool without any integration required.

    Nilesh Tarale


  • The last but of course the game changer hidden gem, Follow Me was introduced which can speed up the manual app test exponentially. It is a first of its kind solution where you can test your app in synchronous mode on one device and it can be replicated on multiple other devices saving your app test time by 50%.


The hidden gems were well appreciated by our user community and some of our customers came forward to share their insights and experiences with all of us.


Special thanks to Anil Dashrath Sonone, Project Manager from Infosys, and Karthikeyan M, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer from AQM Technologies for sharing wonderful insights and experiences as a first hand customer with all of us.


Anil Dasharath
Giriraj, our VP Sales felicitating Anil Dasharath Sonone from Infosys


Karthikeyan M
Giriraj, our VP Sales felicitating Karthikeyan M from AQM Technologies


The event ended on positive note followed by cocktail and dinner.


Having Dinner
Having Cocktail


Thanks a lot to you all for making it worth it! We are coming up soon with another edition of pCloudy ENGAGE in your city. Stay tuned!

Achieved 50,000 Registrations


3 years back pCloudy came into existence to disrupt the mobile app testing eco-space. We are proud to say that today we have achieved 50000 registrations in such a short span of time. More than 50,000 users have registered with pCloudy, and over 20,000 of them signed up just this year. It would not have been possible without our users’ constant trust and support.


Do you know what makes us proud?

What really makes us proud is to see that we have trusted customers now spread all over the world!! It’s an just an indication of what’s yet to come, we are geared up for way more! As we look ahead, these results give us the inspiration to continue working towards making mobile app testing seamless and future-ready.


Now, let us talk about all the fun, excitement, surprises and rewards that unfolded throughout the day. And the best part was there were surprises for both customers and employees.


Moving towards the surprises for customers, thank-you gifts and cards were sent to our loyal customers as a token of our gratitude. We also sent tokens of appreciation to all the new users who registered on our platform on this day.


Thank you


That’s not all!!


We also had a special gift for the 50,000 user who registered on pCloudy yesterday. The winner of this special gift is Srinivas Chitturi. Many congratulations to the lucky winner!


Moving on to the fun events planned for pCloudians, I am sure each one of us had a blast throughout the day. Surprises started to unfold as soon as we entered office. The entire office was decorated in blue, white and red balloons which actually gave each one of us a happy feeling.


Next, I reached my workstation and wow it had the most wonderful comment for me kept in front of a beautiful desktop plant with a gratitude message from our Co-founder Avinash Tiwari -“Thanks for walking 50,000 miles with us”. What else could you have asked for! It was the most wonderful feeling any employee could expect.




The organizers of the event did a wonderful job in keeping the next event in line, a surprise which made all of us a bit curious about what’s coming up next. Avinash addressed all the pCloudians with the most motivating and goal-oriented speech. Hey! it was neither boring nor a long speech so everyone was hooked to it till the end. All of us came to know about the journey of pCloudy and the goal each one of us has to focus for the coming year.


Avinash Speech


And, the most important about the raises and hike. Now you know… why everyone was hooked to his speech till the end.




Some of the oldest pCloudians were facilitated for walking these 50,000 miles facing all the ups and downs with it.






Now that pCloudians were motivated, we got the most interesting thing to do. We recited the pCloudy anthem. Do you want to know what it is? It is about pCloudy values and goals.


pcloudy anthem


It was followed by cake-cutting and fun-games.


cake cutting


Each one of us was asked to create graffiti on either “Walking 50000 miles with pCloudy” or “Tea time talks at pCloudy”. No wonder we have some hidden talent among us. You yourself have a look at it.






There was a team activity – Poster making competition which was again thrilling as teams were asked to make a poster in 30 minutes on any of the 4 topics – pCloudy’s core values, The way we work @pCloudy, The most wanted @pCloudy and Advertise your team.


Graphic Activities


The posters that came out at the end of half an hour were worth appreciating. Artists or non-artists all made the best use of this opportunity to showcase their talent and came out with some hilarious perspective of working at pCloudy. All the posters were outstandingly imagined that we rolled on the floor laughing. And, our jury had a difficult time deciding the winner and so all were declared as winners.


poster result


Last but of course not the least in line was the game – How well you know your colleagues. There were chits with some unique feature about each employee and the pCloudian who picked up the chit had to identify the colleague. It was the best as all of us had our sides split laughing on the comments made in the chit. And the best part was the comments were funny without offending anyone. The day ended with all of us attacking on pizzas and beverages.




It is definitely a milestone worth celebration and motivation for many more celebrations like this…


Thank you very much for stopping by our booth at

Agile Testing Conference 2017!

We had an amazing time last week in Bangalore and hope you did, too!.

It was a unique pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce you pCloudy, our mobile application testing platform and robotics division. We understand that you may have other obligations during the Conference and you still spent time at our booth and we are grateful that you did.

Agile Testing Conference 2017