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Test Apps on Real Devices

Using Eclipse or Android Studio to code your app? Now with just a few simple mouse clicks test apps directly and in parallel on multiple real mobile devices.

Eclipse and Android Studio are two popular IDEs for mobile app development. The reason behind their popularity is, these are open source tools and have a great community of developers whom you can turn to for any support. Anyway, if you are one of those mobile app developers using these popular IDEs then there’s good news for you!

What if you could extend the capability of your IDEs to improve the quality of your apps? What if you could test your app on hundreds of mobile devices right from your IDE? What if you could with the help of simple plugins take your mobile app development process to a whole new level?

Well, you can – with a simple yet salient solution from With a cloud based device lab, pCloudy is contributing to the cause of redefining mobile app testing by providing remarkably useful platform and plugins to test your apps on real mobile devices. As mentioned in our previous articles, it is not enough if mobile apps are tested on Emulators alone. We need to ensure that the apps are tested on Real Devices as well. It is also important to test your mobile apps on different devices based on a carefully analysed device matrix to hit maximum downloads. To continuously develop, integrate and release mobile apps in your DevOps environment such solutions are crucial.

Here’s how can our plugins benefit you



Our Plugins act as a wizard that allows you to:

  • extend the ability of Eclipse to use real devices over a cloud platform
  • select and install an app from a Cloud Drive or from local
  • select multiple real devices from a cloud (Public, Private, On-premise) to test your app
  • run test scripts in parallel on multiple devices
  • perform Automation or Manual Testing

How does it work?

If you have already created Test Scripts ready for Test execution, then all you need to do is to select some real devices over the cloud platform and run the execution to test your app. To help you out with this, the Plugin generates a pseudo-code that can simply be copied into your existing test scripts using Android Studio or Eclipse. With simple changes in the test script, the app will get installed and test execution is performed on the selected mobile devices. In the end, a detailed automation report will also be generated through our platform.

With these plugins app developers and testers can:

  • choose from hundreds of mobile devices to test your App
  • effortlessly test their apps directly on real mobile devices
  • can view or perform an activity on mobile screen from directly within on your IDE
  • perform automation runs in parallel on multiple mobile devices

Download and install the plugin: